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About Us

A Lifelong Passion Project

Coastal Wilds, formerly known as Barn Hill Preserve, has been a home for over 35 diverse species of animals, including otters, two-toed sloths, red kangaroos, and many more. As we step into this new chapter with the name Coastal Wilds, we remain devoted to providing enriching educational experiences that inspire a passion for wildlife conservation.


Visitors to Coastal Wilds can look forward to hands-on and up-close encounters with our animal ambassadors, creating memorable moments while our knowledgeable educators share insights about each species. Our mission is to not only showcase the beauty of these incredible creatures but also to instill a sense of responsibility and empowerment in our guests to make a positive impact on the environment.


Meet The Crew

One comment we get very often is how our animals seem very happy, and our caretakers play a big part in that happiness. 

Most, if not all of our animal caretakers have previous zoo experience or have formal education & training through a bachelor's degree, or equivalent experience. 

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Josh & Kangaroos

Our Conservation Efforts

Many of our staff members take regular trips around the world to assist in emergency conservation efforts. ​For example, during the Australian wildfires, our team searched via drones for animals that survived the blaze.

Many of our event proceeds go towards our rescue, rehabilitation, release, and restoration projects! In addition to protecting and serving wildlife in danger, we also want to create a more direct connection between people and the wild animals they care about.

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KSTR Wildlife Rescue

KSTR Wildlife Rescue is a beautiful wildlife sanctuary with over 50 species  where guests can learn about wildlife native to Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. All proceeds go towards our rescue, rehabilitation, release, and restoration projects!

KSTR is a US 501(c)3 Organization with a number of projects worth donating to such as: wildlife bridges for 22 species located in Costa Rica, protection of Sea Turtle eggs from poachers or upgrading equipment in the wildlife clinic like a new ambulance to aid in the rescue and rehabilitation of indigenous wildlife across Costa Rica.

Squirrel Monkey
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