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Food & Refreshments

Coastal Wilds is home to the Kool Kangaroo, known for it's incredible Sno-Kones, and our Gift Shop for light snacks and drinks.

Offsite, there are a number of local area restaurants guests may be interested in. See some of our favorites listed below.

Kool Kangaroo_Stacked.jpg
Kool Kangaroo

Sno-Kones, Soft Serve Ice Cream, and more! The Kool Kangaroo features so many flavors and encourages mixing and adding wacky toppings or even a soft serve base! Try their Krazy Kreations for the ultimate kool experience!

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Gift Shop Snacks/Drinks

Our gift shop has a number of light snacks and drinks available: Lunchables, Trail Mix, Chips, Candy Bars, Fruit Snacks, Water, Tea, Juice, Gatorade, Soda and more!

Salted Vines
Vineyard & Winery

Warm & Rustic. Elegant Yet Cozy. That's Salted Vines. With a wide variety of wines ranging from sweet to dry, there's something for everyone palate.

Turtle Beach Cafe

"Beans x Breakfast x Bowls" with an incredible oceanfront view! Turtle Beach Cafe is your go-to for an amazing Acai bowls, smoothies, fresh coffee, breakfast sandwiches, waffles and more!

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