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Tickets & Hours

From Otter Swims to Encounter Tours, there are so many ways to get wild at Coastal Wilds! Our zoological park does not offer daily self-guided tours, instead we focus on guided, up-close & hands on experiences. Our activities are listed below. Click one to see more information and purchase tickets!

The days and times we are open depend on the type of ticket you purchase. We are not open for the public to walk around without a ticket. During our peak season, between Memorial Day & Labor Day our park is open daily with tours every hour.


Weekends: 12pm & 2pm

& Special Events


Weekdays: 12pm & 2pm

Weekends: 8am - 4:30pm

IMG_9702 copy 2.jpg

Open Daily

8am - 4:30pm


Weekdays: 12pm & 2pm

Weekends: 8am - 4:30pm

Closed from Mid-December through March


Encounter Tours & Otter Swim Encounters are our main activities and the best way to experience our park and animal ambassadors. They are informative guided tours with plenty of up-close and hands-on interactions with our furry friends. Encounter Tours are approximately 90 minutes.

Add-on Encounters are able to be purchased to add more memorable interactions to your Encounter Tour. Hand feed a Sloth, Capybara, or Aardvark or even a close-up photo op with a Spectacled Owl! Add-on Encounters are subject to animal ambassador availability to be determined by our animal care staff each day.

Otter Swim Encounters include the full Encounter Tour + Add-on Encounters + 45 minute Otter Swim! It's our most comprehensive way to explore the park and lasts about 3 hours. Encounter Tours & Otter Swim groups start at the same tour & time, perfect for friends to stay together who may want different levels of tours. Kid-Friendly Otter Swims are great for our guests ages 10+ and include the same experience as our regular Otter Swim.


Our reoccurring Experiences offer self-guided tours wrapped up in a fun an unique theme! Explore our Experiences below and find a fresh way to visit Coastal Wilds!

Special Events

Sometimes we find a BIG reason to celebrate with everyone, usually wrapped up in a holiday or special cause. These self-guided events typically happen only once a month and our way to bring the community together over a love of animals on a special day!

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